Himalyan HDPE Fittings

Himalyan HDPE Fittings


Injection Moulded Fittings :

Various injection moulded fittings like End Caps, Bends, Tees and Reducers are readily available and these can be welded easily by Butt-Fusion.

Fabricated Fittings :

These are fittings made from precision welding machines by skilled manpower.

Machined Fittings :

Various machined fittings like End Caps, Flanges, Reducers, Pipe Ends etc. are available in sizes from 16mm to 710mm in various pressures and classes.

Compression Fittings :

These fittings include Couplers, Tees, Bends, End Caps, Adopters, Cable Sealing Plugs etc.

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