Himalyan PLB HDPE Ducts

Himalyan PLB HDPE Telecom Ducts

Permanently Lubricated (PLB) HDPE Telecom DUCT…

The Permanently-Lubricated HDPE Telecom Duct consists of two concentric layers, the outer layer being HDPE; co-extruded with an inner layer, which is distributed uniformly along the entire inner surface of the duct to drastically reduce the Internal Co-efficient of Friction (ICF). These Telecom Ducts with smooth inner surface facilitate easy insertion of Cable manually or by blowing technique and provide total protection to optical fiber cable, co-axial cables and electric power cable during and after installation. Himalyan has installed the most modern plant for manufacturing of these Ducts with and without Nylon Rope at their factory located in the ideal environment at Chambaghat, Solan (Himachal Pradesh) India.


Nominal sizes of the Ducts and their physical features as per TEC specification no. TEC/GR/TX/CDS-008/03/MAR-11 with latest amendments is given below :

Note: Although only five sizes mentioned above are covered under TEC Specification No. TEC/GR/TX/CDS-008/03/MAR-11 with latest amendments.

Advantages :

  • Ducts being very light in weight hence offer low transportation costs and easy handling.
  • Longer and easier cable installation reducing the cost of attachments.
  • Saving of manpower.
  • Reduced co- efficient of friction.
  • Overcoming difficult field and extreme environmental conditions.
  • Supplied in nominal sizes of 32/26mm, 40/33mm, 50/42mm, 63/50mm & 110/80 mm and can be delivered in continuous’ length as per technical details provided above. Or as per customers’ requirements in coil or in reels.
  • Product life of over 50 years.
  • Cost effective repairs and upgrading.


In order to support our customers’ requirements Himalyan also ensure the supply of high quality specially designed accessories and tools. The main accessories and tools available in various sizes required for the Ducts are :

  • Push Fit Coupler: Used to couple two ducts and to provide air-tight joint.
  • End Plug: For sealing the ends of empty ducts before installation of cable.
  • Cable Sealing Plug: Used to seal the ends of ducts perfectly, after the cable is installed in the duct to prevent entry of dirt, water, moisture, insects/ rodents etc.
  • End Cap: Fitted into both ends of Duct Coil after manufacturing the duct to avoid entry of dust, mud and rain water into the duct during transit & storage.
  • Duct Cutter: Required to cut the duct ends squarely.
  • C-Spanner: Tool to tighten Plastic coupler properly and to ensure air/water tightness.
  • Blowing Equipment: For blowing/ de-blowing of Optical Fibre Cable in PLB HDPE Duct.

Uses :

Conduits for underground laying of Optical Fiber Cables.

Specification :

Manufactured as per TEC Specn. No. GR/TX/CDS-008/03 Mar-11 with latest amendments.

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