PLB HDPE Telecom Ducts

PLB HDPE Telecom Ducts

PLB HDPE Telecom Ducts

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Permanently Lubricated High Density Polyethylene Ducts (PLB HDPE Ducts):
PLB HDPE Pipes consists of 2 layers, the outer being HDPE; co extruded with inner layer of Silicon, to drastically reduce the co-efficient of friction. These PLB HDPE Ducts are used as conduits for underground Silicon Coated Ducts provide total Optical Fiber Cable
Ducts being light in weight offers low transportation costs and easy handling.
Longer and easier cable installation.
Saves manpower.
Reduces co-efficient of friction.
Overcomes difficult field conditions.
Supplies in nominal sizes of 110/80mm, 63/50mm, 50/42mm, 40/33mm and 32/26mm. Detais as per Technicla Dimensions.
Product life of over 50years.
Conduits for underground laying of Optical Fiber Cables.


Manufactured as per GR TEC Specification No. TEC/GR/TX/CDS-008/03 Mar-11 with latest amendments.

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