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Himalyan Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
Himalyan Sprinkler Irrigation System is one of the modern technique being used for irrigation purpose. Himalyan has earned a worldwide reputation for irrigation products designed to ensure constant graded performance even under the most critical conditions.
Whether the need is for Micro Sprinkler or Giant Sprinkler Irrigation Systems, Himalyan offers one of the most comprehensive and trusted product as well as tailor made irrigation solutions.
Himalyan Sprinkler Irrigation system is the process of forcing water under pressure to a small rotating nozzle or circular hole. The rotating nozzle converts the pressurized water into showers which travels through the air and falls on the ground like natural rainfall.
The sprinkler nozzle rotates in clockwise direction due to the force of water thus producing a circular wetting pattern.

More economical as helps in saving water, electricity, fertilizers, pesticides and increasing the yield of crops.
Tough, potable and light weight as compared to its counter-part i.e. Aluminum Sprinkler System hence minimizing the labour and transportation costs.
Overcomes difficult field conditions as are aptly suitable for areas where the water is in scarcity.
Easy handling and quick installation.
Corrosion resistant and chemically inert-specially helpful for spraying of pesticides and fertilizers.
Improves soil aeration and fertility.

The sprinkler system complete with pipes and fittings like Coupler, Tees, Bends, Reducers, Plug, Nozzle etc. are governed by IS: 14151(part I)1/1995 & 14151(part II)/ 2008, and IS: 12232/ 1987 (Part I) in size 40mm to 200mm outer diameter

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